A Word About Emily Weinsteins

Emily Weinstein is a nonfiction writer living in Brooklyn.

There are two Emily Weinsteins who are (or once were) described by the words “a nonfiction writer living in Brooklyn.” You might be surprised or amused by this information, but the Emily Weinsteins have known about it ever since they went to art camp together, in Connecticut, in the 1990s. When it was discovered by Emily (Meg) Weinstein that the summer camp already had an Emily Weinstein, the camp directors assured her it wouldn’t be a problem. They said, ”We’ll just do what we did with the Lisa Rabinowitzes, and have one of you use your middle name.”

And so it was, and so it is.

At art camp, one Emily Weinstein was known as Emily Meg Weinstein and the other was known as Emily Weinstein, or sometimes, Emily Not-Meg Weinstein, or Emily Nutmeg Weinstein. Neither of these Emily Weinsteins is the one who paints cats in North Carolina.

Visit the other Emily Weinstein’s web site here.

A brief comparison of your Emily Weinsteins. As you can see, their similarities and differences help the universe to remain in perfect balance:

Nutmeg: Meg:
Nonfiction writer Nonfiction writer
Brown curly hair Brown curly hair
Buck’s Rock 1992-1997 Buck’s Rock 1993-1997
Does not use middle name Uses middle name
From New Jersey From Long Island
MFA Columbia ‘10 School of emulating dead heroes
Appears in The Village Voice, the New York Times and Salon Writing appears on SuperLefty, and Salon 
Writes about oil spills & macaroni and cheese Writes about New York & California
b. 1981 b. 1979
Lives in Brooklyn Actually, no longer lives in Brooklyn
emilyweinstein.com emilymegweinstein.com